Changes to community ultrasound referral process – use of Electronic Referral System (E-RS)

by | Feb 23, 2022 | ESNEFT Link News | 0 comments

From 1 February 2022 all routine and Urgent referrals to community ultrasound will need to go through E-RS and referrals by email will no longer be accepted. Diagnostic Healthcare, the Community Ultrasound Provider, will monitor and liaise with any GP whose referral is received via any other route other than ER-S to assist and advise. From 1 March referrals not sent via ER-S will be rejected.

There will be no change to the referral process for DVT.

ER-S has been available for quite some time for the referral and booking of appointments to community ultrasound.  ER- S helps the Community Ultrasound supplier to process patients more quickly and provides much greater visibility of the overall demand at the time.

Diagnostic Healthcare, the community ultrasound supplier, has provided the attached guides for referral process to the services categories:

  • Urgent and Routine
  • DVT

If you have never used E-RS or are having difficulties accessing the system, please call Diagnostic Healthcare for support and guidance on accessing their pathway:

0161 929 5679 – Select Option 1.