Change in radiography service at Colchester and Clacton hospitals

by | Jan 13, 2021 | ESNEFT Link News | 0 comments

We are having to make some changes to radiography services to support the rising number of patients with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our hospitals.

This means from tomorrow, Thursday 14 January, we need to amend GP access to plain radiography at Colchester and Clacton hospitals.

With the exception of chest x-rays and investigations querying bone trauma, we are unable to take referrals for plain x-rays at this time.

We will consider other urgent requests for Colchester and Clacton hospitals on a case by case basis, but these must be sent via email to before we can offer an appointment.

Harwich Hospital will not be offering an x-ray service until Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are lifted.

We will keep you updated and will return to a full service as safely and as quickly as possible.

This message supersedes any previous communications sent by the ESNEFT Radiology department.